Value Engineering

Because construction projects are notorious for suffering from deadline and budgetary bloat, SouthTex Steel Construction focuses on value engineering: the process of eliminating unnecessary expenditure starting at the earliest design stages.


The pre-construction phase is really the most important part of a project when it comes to value engineering, because it’s the decisions that are made during this time that have the biggest impact on the budget, schedule and overall quality of your project. From analysis and research into cost-effective processes or material alternatives, SouthTex works hard to ensure the biggest bang for your buck from the get-go.


Value engineering doesn’t stop once construction begins; instead, it’s an ongoing process. The primary construction costs generally fall into either the labor or materials category, and enormous savings are possible within both of these aspects of construction—with the proper planning.

  • Labor: Whether paying per hour or per project, labor rates can vary significantly depending on the trade, subcontractor rates and other factors. Regardless of specifics, though, ensuring efficiency is the most effective way to control labor costs. SouthTex looks closely at planning and scheduling to coordinate trades and subcontractors to stay on task.
  • Materials: Value engineering plays a key role in total materials costs. Value-based suggestions on using alternate materials and equipment can help lower total expenses without compromising on quality. Procurement costs, too, must be taken into consideration. A streamlined supply process can dramatically improve profits while reducing lifecycle costs.

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